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Who is Personal Best Educational Services LLC?

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Our beginnings: As a mother of two just-barely-school-aged children, and needing to find a way to bring some income into the family, we decided to apply my training and experience as an elementary school teacher to private tutoring.  That was in Massachusetts in 1994.  We moved with my husband’s employment to Oregon—and the business was re-launched there.  Then we discovered our son’s dyslexia and had to educate ourselves about that learning disability and what to do to help.  There were so many others who needed the same help that we expanded the scope of our private tutoring to include special teaching methods to help those with learning disabilities.  The Slingerland Approach™, Lindamood-Bell (pre-phonetics), Orton-Gillingham, etc. became tools in our tool box, and simultaneous, multi-sensory structured sequential language learning became part of our DNA.

Using our tools:  Success requires more than just what we offer.  Success takes a desire to succeed on the part of the parents and student, a willingness to collaborate on the part of the classroom teacher, resource room teacher, counselor, and sometimes the school administrator/principal.  Our first step is to discover what learning style is dominant for each new client, then we identify the gaps in their learning, and use the teaching methods appropriate for each client’s need.  We use everything we can to enhance simultaneous multi-sensory learning: assistive technology (AT) of all kinds, teaching methods, games, physical activities, songs, whatever will work to forge new pathways into memory for the lesson content.  We study as much new research as we can find—not to wow the parents with jargon, but to figure out which tools will be the best to help each client’s unique situation.

Who we work with: We work with public schools, private schools, and homeschoolers.  We work with students, parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, pastors, and doctors—everyone who has a role to play in a particular student’s success.  We recommend books, videos, CDs, websites, training—anything that will help surround the student with the right information, methods and materials so that even after the student leaves us, he or she continues to succeed, and can advocate for himself or herself.

Scope of the needs:There’s plenty of need to go around.  Most studies you’ll find published say that about 25% of the population is affected by Dyslexia.  Another 6% is affected by ADD/ADHD—and of that 6%, 60% also are affected by dyslexia.  We’re sure you’ve heard the statistics on Autism bantered about in the media.  Aspergers is less well known.  The methods that help this population also help the rest of the population—and do not slow them down at all.

Today we serve Northern King and Snohomish counties in Washington.  The magic is in the way we use the tools in our tool box.  We’re Personal Best Educational Services, LLC

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