Sunday, September 15th, 2019

About our Services

What can I expect Personal Best Educational Services to do?


Initial Consultation

  1. Review and evaluation of homework, tests, and IEP (if applicable)
  2. General screening testing to determine learning style, and general learning needs
  3. Recommendation as to next steps

Initial consultation is billed at the regular per-session rate, which is then applied toward the first tutoring session when tutoring is scheduled with Personal Best Education Services


General screening testing is included in the initial consultation, however, sometimes more thorough testing may be required.

  • Personal Best Educational Services, LLC can administer the Slingerland Screening Tests which identify specific language disability (dyslexia) but also help identify strengths as well as weaknesses within the visual (seeing), auditory (hearing) and kinesthetic-motor (writing, speaking) modalities that contribute to language learning. The test is designed to replicate every day school tasks
  • We can also refer you and your child to other professional services as necessary


Our tutors will

  • support parents, and the student’s classroom teacher to teach the student how to succeed in learning
  • establish a pattern of educational success with the student
  • individualize lessons to meet the student’s unique needs
  • supplement the student’s curriculum to offer appropriate challenges, and improve interest in learning
  • assess, teach, and report on the student’s progress each visit

Workshops/Seminars/Speakers Bureau

Workshops are available on many topics of interest to parents, teachers, and others. Some of the most popular include: Homework Help; Getting Organized for Academic Success; Study Skills.

To request or join a workshop, or seminar, or to request a public speaker and review topics that fit your needs, please fill in the contact form and enter “Workshops”, or ”Speaker” in the comment field or click the link below for the workshop you wish to join.

The following workshops are forming, sign up today:
Organizing for Academic Success Call for next date.
Study Skills that Really Work Call for next date.
(workshops need a minimum of 8 participants)
Why not get a group together?
PTA/PTO parents; church parents; homeschool group


Personal Best Educational Services is available to consult on specific needs.

Some examples of which we are most proud include:

  • Designing and improving resource room, and classroom processes to ensure academic success for students with learning differences
  • Evaluating outsource providers to meet the special needs of students with learning differences, and gifted students needing more challenge
  • Advocating for students with learning differences, and their parents/guardians during IEP reviews

To schedule a visit to explore how Personal Best Educational Services consulting might help you, your child, or your school, please fill in the contact form and use the phrase “consulting” in your comment.