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What clients are saying about Personal Best Educational Services, LLC


TEACHING (Full Time Classroom)

I want to take a moment and tell you “Domo arrigato”  thank you!!!!!! for all the help in 5th grade getting [our daughter] set up in her now Jr. High classes.  She has one period a day in a study hall where there are people to assist her.  I know that this help came from you–she truly is on the road to success!!!!  I am so thrilled for her!!  I believe she is now developing a love for school—which is so good to see—college-bound!  S. H. (10/2010)

[Vicki Zion] is a responsible and sincere individual with a high degree of integrity.
Janet E., Superintendent of Lake Central School Corp., Schererville, IN

[Vicki Zion's] teaching is innovative with a marked concern for the individual learner and has great classroom techniques.
Richard B., Principal Peifer Elementary, Lake Central School Corp., Schererville, IN

[Vicki Zion] is a most competent and creative teacher.
Richard R., former Principal/ Consultant St. Theresa’s of Avila school, Carson City, NV

[Vicki Zion] has completed this [2008-2009] school year teaching Grade 5. This class was a one-year assignment as the result of high enrollment, and the addition of this class occurred at the end of August [2008]. Vicki began the school year with a very short period of time to set up and prepare for the classroom and school year. She worked exceptionally hard to do both. As a new staff member and teaching a new grade level, she worked quickly and with much dedication to learn the curriculum, to establish the classroom environment, and to get acquainted with her students and our staff. She has worked closely with the 5th and 6th grade team coordinating her teaching and getting students prepared for 6th grade.—-Vicki was well aware of her students’ special learning needs. She has used a variety of ways to engage them, such as the Jeopardy Game on the interactive whiteboard and making study guides and flashcards for reviewing Social Studies. Vicki put a strong emphasis on skill-building in mathematics and her students have made significant growing in basic computation.—I would be happy to discuss Vicki’s teaching and experience teaching grade 5 at Lockwood this year.
Ann Madsen, Principal, Lockwood Elementary School, Northshore School District, WA.


I feel that choosing [Mrs. Zion] to tutor my daughter was a very successful experience for many reasons. 

  1. as a parent I felt that [Mrs. Zion] exhibited excellent listening skills and allowed me to have a say in some aspects of the tutoring.  For instance, she allowed me, with no pressure, to opt out of the extensive testing in order to help my child.  She very flexibly went about doing the least amount of assessment necessary to determine where to begin.
  2. In addition to setting me at ease, [Mrs. Zion] was very adept at meeting my daughter at her level and teaching to her particular style [of learning].  I asked my daughter what she appreciated about Mrs. Zion and she said she liked the games and that she got her to her grade level for reading.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to have my daughter helped by such an educated, intuitive, and sensitive person, because beyond all these things I think the fact that [Mrs. Zion] cared about my daughter as a person as well as about her academic success is the biggest reason I would recommend [Mrs. Zion] to anyone.  D.N. (12/ 2010)


Within 9 months of working with [Mrs. Zion] and Personal Best Educational Services, our daughter increased her reading, writing, and spelling proficiency by one and a half (1.5) grade levels!  This gave her the tools and confidence to improve in many areas of her learning, as well as in the classroom, which helped turn-around her overall behavior.  B.J. (11/2010)


Kayla started taking the star test in Kindergarten  (a standardize test for students in the Everett, WA School District) this year after working with Personal Best. She scored her “personal best”  the first week in the school year. Cari S. (parent) (10/2010)


[Personal Best Educational Services] has helped [my son] grow in confidence and develop a more positive attitude about himself and his ability to do the work himself.
Christine M., Parent


[Personal Best Educational Services] has helped [our daughter] achieve GPAs of 3.0 routinely, which is a big improvement for her.
Barney and Cathy N., Parents


[Personal Best Educational Services] gave [my son] many useful hints that helped him bring his work up to levels of exceeding on [Oregon] state testing.
Gretchen L., Parent


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did with my son. He is much more confident in his Math class and I feel he is ready to tackle the WASLs and high school Math. We will definitely call you again if we need any more tutoring. Thank you again.
Leann B., Parent


Thank you for sharing your gift with my son. He may not realize it yet, but you and he have made an explosive improvement on his abilities to learn.
Frances, Parent


Thank you for all the work you do for LD (learning disability) students and coming to Hood River. Special Ed staff HRVHS

Vicki Zion has contributed to the professional learning community in the Snohomish School District. I attended her class this year titled “Homework Strategies”. When I arrived, all the materials needed to complete the objectives she had planned for us were copied off and ready to be handed out—she asked us what we were most interested in learning to make our learning meaningful and relevant—she kept us involved by using humor and energy.
Sarah W., 5th Grade Teacher, Snohomish School District

I was searching on the interent and found this extremely talented and knowledgable master teacher. My confidence has soared and I have been the beneficiary of all her additional experiential knowledge.”
Deborah C., Experienced Teacher, Snohomish School District.


Though I had not met her before the first time she was my substitute, [Vicki Zion] quickly became my first choice when I have to be away from my class for a day. She is positive and thorough—the kids love having her come, and look forward to spending the day with her. I have also heard positive comments about her from the other teachers, the instructional aides, and the office staff—[Vicki Zion] worked with the C.L.C children in my class very competently and has been a substitute for our Special Ed. Teacher as well.
Elizabeth B., Northshore School District, Woodinville, WA

[Vicki Zion] has many strengths in the educational setting—is able to make adjustments appropriate to all students when needed.
Emma P., Self-contained Teacher, Snohomish School District, Snohomish, WA

[Vicki Zion] is impressively dependable and conscientious—her lessons demonstrate exceptional planning and organization.
Lynne T., 3rd Grade teacher, Carson City School District, Carson City, NV

[Vicki Zion] has done an outstanding job of guest teaching in my classroom. She maintains classroom order through positive classroom management skills. She also checks to make sure she has met all the objectives of the day using an organized check-off system. My students have commented that she is nice and does a great job of teaching them. I have maintained Vicki on my guest teacher list for this entire school year. I am always confident that she will teach my objectives and maintain a positive working environment for my students.
Sarah W., Cathcart Elementary, Snohomish School District, Snohomish, WA

These are just a few of the testimonials we have received from our clients. Additional testimonials are available, just ask about satisfied clients during your next visit to Personal Best Educational Services with your student.

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